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04.02.2012 SEO in a Post-Penguin World. Google has been very busy! See how the latest algorithm update has affected search engine optimization and how you can work with Google, not against it, by building a robust brand identity across multiple channels. Published on

04.08.2012 Going Viral on Pinterest with Pinnable Articles. Pinnable articles, or image-heavy articles, take advantage of the Pinterest network by making sharing content easy. The right article, with the right images, can generate thousands of hits a month, and all we have to do is make a minor change in the way we publish. Published on

04.11.2012 How Your Splash Page is Killing Your Website. Splash pages are a vestigial organ from Web 1.0, and they have everything working against them: poor SEO, increased bounce rates, and conversion losses. Published on

04.13.2012 Should You Forego a Company Website for a Facebook Page? In this article, we look at a case study for local business Spirits of Syracuse who opted to do their marketing through their Facebook page, not their website, and what their results showed.

04.14.2012 Local Search Marketing. See why Google Places and Foursquare are required marketing tools for local businesses. We talk about the localization of search, and how Google’s results vary depending on location. Published on

04.20.2012 Businesses Better Pay Attention To Consumer Trends. Why taking advantage of the newest trends in Internet marketing matters for your business. Imagine having an Internet presence in 1995 and what kind of sales that would generate. Extrapolate ten years into the future and learn what trends you should be on now. Published on

04.23.2012 3 Places to Capture Leads for Email Marketing. Lead generation is a crucial purpose of your website, and if you’re not doing it right, you could be missing out on a valuable marketing channel: email. We talk about where you should put your email capture funnels to make sure you’re getting the most out of your website. Published on

04.25.2012 Modern Article Marketing Strategies. With the release of Google’s SEO update, Penguin, article marketing is being hit again. How can we adapt? Published on

04.27.2012 Defining your SEO Competition. How to define your competition in the SEO market and find a niche that you can enter. Tips for both entry-level SEO and advanced professionals. Learn how to evaluate your competitors’ SEO, find low-hanging fruit, and target your campaigns to earn immediate returns on investment. Published on

04.30.2012 The History and Future of SEO. Future-proofing your site with high-value white-hat SEO. The 600-word informational article is dead except for a select number of cases. How should we change our publishing strategies to take advantage of this fact? Published on